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Zirconia ceramic powder

Item No.: PZ-222
Zirconia ceramic powder
Working temperature < 1700℃
Good resistance to high temperature
Type of powder material
Zirconia ceramic powder
 Performance and application
 The thermal insulation ceramic coating with good resistance to high temperature,
 thermal shock and high temperature particle erosion has lower thermal conductivity and better thermal
 shock resistance than alumina, and can be mainly used as thermal barrier coating material.
 Used as thermal barrier coating for plasma spraying, engine flame tube, rocket nozzle and other aviation parts.

Typical chemical composition
Ceo₂ 21.00
ZrO₂ 77.00
Ti0₂ 0.06
Fe₂0₃ 0.06
Na₂0 0.05
Al₂0₃ 0.06
Y₂0₃ 0.10
Hf0₂ 1.50
U+Th 0.03
Other Oxides <0.05

Spray parameters
 Plasmagenerator   F4 
Plasma Gas Ar(SLPM) 40
Plasma Gas H₂(SLPM) 10
Current(A) 580
Spray Distnce(mm) 120

Coating Properties

Hardness: approx. 1400 HV 0,3            Applicable up to 1.300 °C

The product application
Mechanical seal ring Transfer roller
Part function: The compensation loop  Part function:Delivery goods
Matrix material:Hard material Matrix material: Iron and steel
Coating function:Form a coating with abrasion resistance  Coating function:Form a coating with abrasion resistance
Process technology:Plasma spraying 
Process technology: Plasma spraying