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NiCrBSiFe Nickel chromium silicon iron powder

Item No.: PZ-Ni60
Nickel chromium silicon iron powder
Water atomization
 Type of powder material

 NiCrBSiFe  Nickel chromium silicon iron powder   Water atomization

 specifications (um)
 75/45   53/45   106/45
 Performance and application


 The highest operating temperature 820 ℃

 self-fusion alloy, hard and dense coating, good corrosion resistance, micro-motion wear resistance, abrasive wear

 used for plunger of pump, axle sleeve, conveying roller table, drawing equipment, extruder, glass mold, etc

Typical chemical composition
Cr₂0₃ 0.25
Ni 17.5
Si0₂ 1.0
Fe₂0₃ 1.0
Other Oxides <0.3

Spray parameters
Recommended Process HVOF or Atmospheric Plasma Spray
Deposition Efficiency 32 – 50%
Porosity < 2%
Wear Rate < 3 mm3
Macrohardness HR15N > 90

Coating Properties

Good corrosion resistance, wear resistance, wear particle wear

The product application
Shaft sleeve The glass mould
Part function: seal  Part function:The mould
Matrix material:alloy Matrix material:Metals and alloys
Coating function:Wear resistance Coating function:Wear resistance, corrosion resistance
Process technology:Atmospheric plasma spraying, HVOF
 Process technology: Atmospheric plasma spraying, HVOF