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Update time : 2019-01-19 11:31:27

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    In order to promote the plasma spraying equipment, materials, technology and application of innovation and development, better service "made in China 2025" national development strategy, promote academic interaction between the field of thermal spraying scholars, strengthen the dialogue communication, researchers and businesses work together to promote the ascension of the whole thermal spraying industry, is scheduled for on July 27, 2019, held in Harbin "BBS" plasma spraying production.Industry experts and entrepreneurs will be invited to report and interact on plasma spraying equipment, materials, processes and applications.

    The BBS was hosted by Harbin pei-ze material technology co., LTD. Under the leadership of the preparatory group designated by BBS, the BBS adopted the audience invitation system, and actively welcomed friends from the business community and academia to participate in the BBS.

   BBS will not charge conference fee this time, only charge sponsorship fee and enterprise publicity fee (specific amount to be determined), the income is transparent and open, if there is any surplus, all of it will be donated as the research group of specially invited experts.

    I wish the youth to join hands and contribute to the development and application of thermal spraying in China!Wish academic circles and business circles, can have more communication and cooperation!


    BBS is an invitation system for listeners. All listeners need to register online.The title of the email shall be "name + unit + identity + contact information", and the application for participation shall be sent to before April 30. The preparatory group shall send the email invitation letter to the qualified person before May 31 according to the order of registration.

     The quota is limited, wants to report as soon as possible!