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Y₂O₃ High purity yttrium oxide powder graphite plate spraying

Item No.: PZ- 6035A
Y₂O₃  high purity ceramic yttria powder
Graphite plate spraying
Purity: 99.95%
Condensation and sintering
 Type ofpowder material
 Y₂O₃   Graphite plate spraying  spherical  Purity: 99.95%  Condensation and sintering
 brand (PZ)
  PZ- 6035A-1
 –53 +15   –106 +16
 Performance and application
 Plasma etch and erosion resistance on surfaces exposed to reactive plasma gases in semiconductor manufacturing 
systems, such as vacuum chamber walls and other components
 Electrostatic chucks
 Linings for graphite molds

Typical chemical composition
Y₂0₃ 99.5
Fe₂0₃ <0.1%
Al₂0₃ <0.1%
Ca0 <0.1%
Si0₂ < 0.1%

Spray parameters
 Plasmagenerator   F4 
Plasma Gas Ar(SLPM) 42
Plasma Gas H₂(SLPM) 11
Current(A) 550
Spray Distnce(mm) 120


Coating Properties

Hardness:approx.1400 HV 0.3                Applicable up to 2.200℃

The product application