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316L Aerosol,

Item No.: PZ-316L
 Type of powder material

 316L  Aerosol

 90/45   106/45
 Performance and application

 The highest operating temperature 540 ℃

 corrosion resistance, low temperature particle erosion resistance and cavitation resistance, good toughness

 used as the underlying material of ceramic coating, powder metallurgy, laser cladding, plasma surfacing, bushing, etc

Typical chemical composition
Iron Base
Carbon 0,03% max
Manganese 2,00% max.
Phosphorus 0,045% max.
Sulfur 0,03% max.
Silicon 0,75% max.
Chromium 16,00-18,00%
Nickel 10,00-14,00%
Molybdenum 2,00-3,00%
Nitrogen 0,10% max.

Typical Physical Composition
Apparent density: ~4 g/cm3
Tap density: ~4,5 g/cm3

Typical applications include:

Heat exchangers   Pharmaceuticals   Jet enginge parts   Marine applications   Architectural applications   Medical implants    Fasteners

The product application
Plasma surfacing bushing 
Part function: welding Part function: imprisoned
Matrix material:Low alloy steel, low carbon steel Matrix material:alloy
Coating function:  render  Coating function: render
Process technology:spraying
Process technology:spraying